Validated Nurse Experience Tool

An open-source tool to linking inpatient care environments and the nurses’ experience

Nature, Wayfinding & Virtual Reality

Nature in wayfinding, validating virtual reality tools for the built environment

LTC Layout & Dementia Health Outcomes

Linking social interaction, physical activity and the built environment

ED Design: Split Flow & Sub-Waiting

ED flow split by a physician with 2 sub-waits shows optimal results


Mental & Behavioral Health

Defining & measuring design’s impact on staff, patients and families


Clinic Design for Teams

Designing & simulating team rooms is central to fostering collaboration

Measuring the Value of Lean-IPD & TVD

A Blueprint for saving $33Million

Holistic Design for Maternal & Infant Health

Demonstrating design’s impact and where to maximize the investment.

Hospital Rooms & Patients’ Wellbeing

Identifies specific design elements with measurable impact on patient experience and stress

Improving Hospital Energy Use

How American hospitals can learn from others to achieve aggressive energy and interior environmental quality (IEQ) goals

Optimizing Toilet Design for Assistance

Larger toilet rooms with 2-fold grab bars are strongly preferred for assisting

Efficiency & Safety in Emergency Departments

16 domains of design that influence safety and efficiency

Hospital Design Net-to-Gross & Area Calculations – Year 2

A standard method for measuring benchmarks consistently

Design for Patient Care, Safety & Documentation

Identifies factors linked to safety for medication room, patient room, charting


Hospital Design Net-to-Gross & Area Calculations – Year 1

A standard method for measuring benchmarks consistently

Same-Handed Rooms

Same-handed environments may not contribute to process and workflow standardization

Can Design Increase Family Involvement in Care?

FCC unit patients spent significantly more time with their family members in patient rooms than in the traditional unit.


Acoustic Guidelines for Healthcare

Key findings and recommendations to design to support patient sleep

Single NICUs Impact on Family

More time holding babies, 2x time interacting with family, no difference in family-staff interactions

Hospital Departmental Area Analysis

Providing net-to-gross comparisons across firms and nation and uncovering variation in measurement

Integrated Knowledge Database

Information systems that extract detailed data about the influence of architectural elements on human responses

101 Healthcare Design Webinars for AIA AAH

Shared knowledge for practitioners and academics to elevate design

Future Research

The Foundation for Health Environments Research awards research grants to enhance environments for health and healthcare.