Well, it has been a very interesting year. The issues facing our country and the world have been
significant and long reaching. Our abilities to communicate with each other have drastically been
modified from collegial face-to-face interactions to digital ‘zoom’ meetings. Our conferences have been
canceled along with our historical pattern for knowledge learning. We all have had to adapt and rethink
our business models and how to modify them to apply to what will be a very different future.
The Foundation Board also stepped back and took a long strategic look at our past, present and future.
No stone was left unturned. A Strategic Plan was developed that re-aligns and focuses our mission with
the needs of the healthcare design industry. Our name, mission statement, audience, and research
process all were re-tooled. We believe that this planning effort will allow the quality research provided
by the Foundation to equip the designers of HealthCare environments with the knowledge to be a
trusted advisor for their clients. With the ultimate user being their patients.

Foundation for Health Environments Research
Mission Statement:
Research that advances the built environment in healthcare
Research Process:
The process will be invitation-driven, targeted research, with content managed by the Research Grant

We are very excited about our strategic plan and the year ahead.

The Foundation Board approved a $30,000 research grant in September – it is has a matching grant of
$50,000 for a total grant of $80,000.

‘COVID-19 – Design of Long-Term Care Homes (LTC) – Learning for the Future’

The research generated from this grant will provide much needed knowledge for the built environment
of a large portion of our ‘at-risk’ population.

Since its inception in 2001, the Foundation has grown tremendously. We have sponsored 41 research
grants/fellowships totaling over $510,000. The purpose of those grants is to provide real ‘knowledge’ to
assist and inform people like you – who care about quality Architectural Health Care Research and how
it does make a difference.

Having accurate/credible information provides the profession the opportunity to create healthcare
environments that truly provide healing spaces.

Since 2010, there has been continued growth in expanding the mission and the impact of the
Foundation on the HealthCare design profession. The Board is dedicated to promote initiatives that
create quality Architectural HealthCare research that provide the opportunity to provide truly healing

This research is shared with the entire profession and HC community – at no cost.

We hope, as you look ahead into next year, that you will consider continuing your support to the 2021
Foundation for Health Environments Research via either the SLS 2021 AAHF Networking Reception or
the Legacy Initiative. Without your continued support, the Foundation for Health Environments Research
would not be in a position to carry on with our mission of quality Architectural Health Care Research.

To borrow from JFK – ‘A rising tide lifts all boats…’

Thank you again for your consideration in supporting the Foundation for Health Environments Research.

Scott H Miller, AIA, FACHA
2020 President
Foundation for Health Environments Research